Shechen Buddhist Society of Croatia is happy to announce that Sixth international

Shechen seminar would take place in Croatia on Medvednica Mountain (Sljeme) in period

from April 23th to May02th 2017.


In accordance to Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche's wishes, Croatian seminar is organized in the same manner as the Bodhgaya seminar and it would provide the ability to study and practice Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche's teachings under the guidance of Shechen monastery's leading teachers to all students interested in his spiritual lineage. 






The sixth year of the seminar would be dedicated to further development stage teachings of Vajrayana (kyerim) based on guru section of Pema Tse Nyingthik, The supreme Gift of Deathlesness. Likewise, further teachings will be given to students of Rangjung Pema Nyingthik cycle.

All teachings in 2017 will be given by Rabjam Rinpoche, Changling Tulku, khenpo Sangye Phuntsok Sherpa and lama Sean Price.

Necessary empowerments, transmissions and commentaries in accordance to the sixth year of the program would be given during the seminar.

For all of those who are attending open part of the seminar program will include teachings from Nagarjuna's „Letter to a friend“, shamata meditation instructions and ngondro explanations.

All teachings will be translated to English and Croatian language. English and Croatian translations of all practice materials as well as commentaries will be available.



Recommended seminar donation will be 300 € for regular participants who wish to attend a full ten days program (morning + afternoon). 



For all further information about the seminar, registration, accommodation and all other details please contact